New Special Tax Liens

The Town Council, by Ordinance now deems all unpaid amounts that are owed to the Town of Elsmere that are over 30 days old will be added to the Property Tax Accounts for each property, and become subject to legal action for collection, up to and including Sheriff Sale.

These amounts, when added to the Property Tax Account, show up with the designation of Special Tax Lien.

All amounts owed to the Town (including, but not limited to Licenses, Permits, & Code Violations) are subject to this designation, and legal action for collection. In addition, failure to pay these amounts can result in the revocation of any licenses you may have.

Payment for all of these items can be made by cash, check, or money order at the Finance Office window in Town Hall, or by visiting the Town’s web-site and using the “Make a Payment” button on the right side of the screen. This option is for debit or credit card payments, and there is a processing fee for the transaction. Payments can also be put in an envelope and dropped into the secure drop-box to the left of the main door at Town Hall. This box is emptied every morning and the payments are credited to your account that day.

If you have questions about these items, please call the Finance Office at 302-998-2215

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