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Town Manager: Steven Martin (
Town Clerk: VACANT
Administrative Assistant: Rachel Ritter (

Mission Statement:

The Administrative Department’s mission is to assure that it serves as the focal point of the day-to-day operations and administrations of the Town while implementing and enacting the policy of the Mayor and Council, providing quality services to the citizens of the Town and instilling in each of the Town’s employee’s a sense of Team Work, Honesty, Integrity and Flexibility. We will do this by being Responsible and Fiscally Accountable and maintaining a Positive Attitude and Compassion all the while remaining committed to a high standard of Professionalism and providing a Safe Environment and Diversified community.

Administration Department:

The Administrative Department is staffed by the Town Manager and two Administrative Assistants. The department is responsible to the Mayor and Council for the proper administration of all affairs of the Town and each of its departments with the exception of the Public Safety Department who reports directly to the Chief of Police.

The Administrative Department provides support service to all of the Town’s Boards and Commissions. It prepares the annual budget, submits it to the Mayor and Council for consideration and is responsible for its administration after adoption. It is charged with keeping the Mayor and Council advised of the financial condition and future needs of the Town and makes such recommendations as may be needed. It performs such other duties as may be prescribed by the Mayor and Council while coordinating the operations of all departments other than the Public Safety Department.

The following forms for the Administration Department are available on the forms tab of this website:

  • Freedom of Information Act Request Form
  • Garage/Sidewalk Sale Permit
  • Parade/Special Event Permit
  • Parkland Usage Permit

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